Health Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

There are many natural ingredients that take the medicine world by surprise. Some of them make such a powerful impact, sometimes is hard to believe they have been in nature forever.

Food, it turns out, have great effects in the body. I helps nourish and heal the body, Gives us the energy we need everyday, make our immune system more powerful and even have the potential to help us lose fat faster!

There are so many foods we are familiar with, that have been around us all our lives like wild elderberries and raspberries. These and many other fruits found their way to the doctor’s desk, where they have been studied and reveal its amazing benefits and natural secrets.

Recently Dr. Oz has been sharing the science and facts behind raspberries and how the ingredients of this fruit, specifically raspberry ketones can help us burn body fat:

  • Increased lipolysis (fat breakdown)
  • Help increase the rate in which calories are burn
  • Help increase fat loss during a diet

To understand how raspberry ketone works first let me share some information about Raspberry (rabbis ideas), which is a very common fruit that has been consumed for many years. Raspberry molecular structure is similar to the structure of capsaicin, which is similar to the ingredients that chili pepper possesses, counting for their powerful thermogenic properties. Like many natural fruits, raspberry has important components that are beneficial to human health.

Raspberry ketone is a powerful fat burning hormone that has been extracted and put into a supplement form, to work as a fat burner and metabolic booster.

Raspberry ketone is a component unique in raspberries and has the potential to burn fat.

Raspberry Ketone Science

When looking at the raspberry ketone health benefits, looking to clincical studies and data can be the best option to determine the legitimacy on how well it works.

Studies came out in 2005, by doctor Monimoto et al when raspberry ketones were fed to many mice for 10 weeks. The mice that took part in the study were fed a high fat diet to increase obesity, and a of 1 to 2 raspberry ketone (which is an proximate 100 to 300 mg in a human diet) The Mice in the studies feed with raspberry ketone gained less body fat than the animals in the control group.

Raspberry ketone has 2 major benefits for weight loss:

  • It helps decrease the absorption of fat, and increases the fat break down in the body.
  • The studies reported that raspberry ketones could also increase calorie burning through heat. This property comes from the presence of thermogenesis that helps increase the burning of fat in the body.

Additionally raspberries are a great source of ellagic acid, which is a compound known to have many anti-carcinogenic properties.

Check out our recommended raspberry ketone supplement for more information.

Raspberry Ketones:

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